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Around a month after the South African government launched its new Gambling Amendment Bill, it continues to receive strong criticism from several analysts who are still in the process of going through all 49 pages of it.

South African Parliamentary committee adopts limited … South Africa | 11/26/2018. A number of circumscribed issues have been accepted, leaving contentious matters to the sixth parliament after next year’s elections.arliament’s trade and industry committee has opted to limit the scope of the National Gambling Amendment Bill — adopted this week — to a... Detailed explanation on South African online Casino law. The history of gambling in South Africa has been checkered and doused with liberal shades of grey in the past.Though it is regulated, bookmakers from outside South Africa do not allow South African players. A draft of the Remote Gambling Bill of 2014 looked to change things drastically. National gambling board south africa | Best games… Outline of South Africa. NATIONAL GAMBLING ACT, It is hereby notified that the President has assented to the following Act which is hereby published for general information- ACT To make provision for the regulation and co-ordination of certain matters relating to casinos, gambling and wagering...

A draft version of a South African online gambling bill which would provide a legal basis for e- gaming in the country has been released. Officials published a preliminary version of the Remote Gambling Bill 2014 last week.

The Remote Gambling Bill is the vehicle through which government intends to tackle online gambling, which it regards as illegal in South Africa, and both the department and the new National Gambling Board have complained about the proliferation of remote gambling sites offering services to South Africans. Draft internet gaming bill published in South Africa ... A draft version of South African internet gaming bill was published today – the Remote Gambling Bill of 2014. While it is believed there will be no swift legalization of internet gaming in South ... Bill to legalise online gambling in SA - BusinessTech

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South Africa Remote Gambling Bill Denied Again

South African Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry has adopted the redrafted National Gambling Amendment Bill. Joanmariae Fubbs, the chairperson of the Committee, said although the Department of Trade and Industry had introduced a comprehensive Bill... New South African Gambling Bill Comes Under Fire Yet…

Discover when and how South African gambling started to develop. Read review on country’s policies for gambling industry, online and land-based casinos.

Remote gambling on the South African political agenda ... The seemingly endless political debate in South Africa on remote gambling (it's been going on for over a decade) resurfaces this week when the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry will brief Parliament on the Remote Gambling Bill Tuesday morning. South African Parliament to review Online Gambling Before february 2015 the revised remote Gambling Bill is due to be put. In South Africa the road to legalising online gambling goes a long way back. But will there be an end? South Africa gambling Until now… In South Africa online gambling is restricted. Casino, Bingo and Poker wagers illegal. Remote Gambling Bill [PMB-2015]: Input from Department of ... Having considered the relevant factors, South Africa was not ready to expand gambling in the manner proposed in the Remote Gambling Bill. Considering the harm, the potential to generate tax revenue could not be motivation to legalise online gambling and the DTI recommended that remote gambling remained illegal. Remote Gambling Bill [PMB3-2015]: input by ... - South Africa

Geordin Hill Lewis Revival of Remote Online Gambling Bill Online Gambling Bill in South Africa Set for Review and Revival, Expansion of Casino Games with Geordin Hill Lewis Remote Gambling Bill . South Africa was due to examine their remote gambling bill the in the latter part of 2014, however that didn’t happen with the corruption allegations concerning the National Gambling Board that took place in September. South Africa Online Gambling Update - Hill-Lewis argues the South African government cannot afford to wait –for the sake of both the economy and South African citizens who are gambling online at unlicensed offshore casinos without any protection. But what we do know, however, is that 2016 will certainly not be the year when online poker and casino games are regulated in South Africa. Remote gambling bill of South Africa. April 2014 Remote gambling bill of South Africa. April 2014 1. REMOTE GAMBLING BILL PUBLICATION AND INVITATION FOR PUBLIC COMMENT In accordance with Rule 241(1)(b) of the Rules of the National Assembly, notice is hereby given that Geordin Gwyn Hill-Lewis MP intends introducing a private member's bill shortly in order to provide a legal basis for the regulation and control of all remote gambling activities. South Africa Remote Gambling Bill Denied Again